In addition to shows, two art galleries carry my work. They are Keels Creek Winery and Art Gallery in Eureka Springs, and Arkansas Craft Gallery in Mountain View.

Photo Classes

October 20-21  2018  9 a.m.-4 p.m.

Registration information at the Arkansas Craft School

Christmas Showcase

Nov. 30, 10-8

Dec. 1, 9-6

Dec. 2, 10-4



Hall of Industry, Arkansas State Fairgrounds

Featured Print

I've mentioned many times that light is the key element that separates art photos from snapshots. (Well, that's not all, but a very important one),  This waterfall is in the Buffalo River area, is an easy walk, and is well known to all. As a result, it's one of the most photographed (or over-photographed) sights along the River. When rains have created an ample flow, as it has here, it's a common subject for photogs. 

The task of the artist is to find a perspective, a view that few if any have seen. To that end, I visited at night, with the moon hanging overhead. Its glow created an entirely new scene.

For students, my main consideration was to increase the ISO and the shutter speed to achieve a decent exposure. At over three seconds, my exposure required the use of a tripod and a remote release to avoid camera shake.