In addition to shows, two art galleries carry my work. They are Keels Creek Winery and Art Gallery in Eureka Springs, and Arkansas Craft Gallery in Mountain View.


To order, call, e-mail, or text me to place your order. Give me the print name, size, media (paper or canvas), matted or unmatted and your contact information. I will contact you to finalize the order.

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Ed Alexander



Featured Print

Like nearly every photographer (and many others), I was out capturing the recent lunar eclipse. I had planned my shots for a month, mostly by scouting several locations, and utilizing severl phone apps to give me the location and elevation. Totality lasted for nearly an hour, so I was able to shoot from two locations that were several miles apart. One was at City Bluff overlooking the White River, and one was under the Calico Rock bridge, again on the White. Although it's not often the case, the skies were clear. 

This presented several challenges. First, it was so cold that I lost feeling in my fingers, couldn't feel camera controls, and had to retreat to the truck to warm them up. Second, the moon was high in the sky, 63.7 degrees at start of totality (almost straight overhead). Both images required  a wide angle lens to get my shot. A new Sigma 20mm f1.4 Art Lens arrived days before and gave me the area I needed. The Sigma Art series are incredible glass; sharp, clear, and fast.

Last, and most important, was getting the exposure right. Even at full eclipse, metering for the scene and metering for the moon resluted in two very different exposures. This required a two-layer exposure, blending the scene and the moon. In the days of film, this would have been a double exposure. In digital work, this involves two exposures, and creating a layer mask to reveal the correctly exposed Blood moon.

For students, aside from the challenge of the exposure, I wanted a composition that followed the Rule of Three (that you've heard me also call the AND factor). So, in addition to the Blood Moon, I have the river, stars and trees.