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Milky Way season is coming to a close, at least for the Galactic Core. The plus side to that is that is in view earlier, in this case, around 9 p.m.  This was taken on the Buffalo National River, at Buffalo Point. I had carefully planned this shoot, and was rewarded for my efforts. The first night was cloudy, but on this night, skies were clear, and the Milky Way ran directly overhead. With just a small amount of evening light, I got the bluffs, the Galactic Core, and was rewarded a bonus--a meteor right through the center.


These two images are of the recent Blue Super Moon. They were taken at Red Bluff Overlook on the Buffalo River. I had several locations in mind, but settled on this one, not just for the clear view of the moon, but for the incredible foreground as well.


I've never been fond of Summer. Although I've lived in the South most of my life, unlike many, I hate hot weather. It seems to drive me indoors, and I find my camera bag gathering dust for the duration. Recently, however, I've discovered the joys of astrophotography, and have found an outlet for my photography in Summer. This year I decided to share that experience with some of my students. Although I've taught photo classes for many years, this was my first attempt at a class at night. Seems that the photo Gods were smiling; clear skys, Milky Way Galactic Core in full glory, and an added bonus--the Persied meteor shower. Though we didn't know it at the time, our long exposures caught several meteors as they streaked across the sky.

While teaching a class I rarely take any pictures, usually only to demonstrate to a student. Even rarer is getting a shot that will be printed and offered for sale.But on this occasion, it happened. The Milky Way GC, with a meteor right in the middle. Off to the right, although faint, there are several more.